30 Day No Sugar Challenge

One thing I love about technology and even about the Internet (although it is often used harmfully) is the abundant source of reading material in the form of great blogs. I have literally learned so much just by reading posts from some very wise women on their own journey to live better lives! One such blog is Keeper of the Home. Stephanie recently posted about consuming too much sugar and ways to cut back. Her links at the bottom of her post lead me to another great blog with more great information about sugar! That’s just the way it works :-)

So here is my personal journey with sugar. I have never been big on eating sweets. Thankfully, I haven’t had to worry about that aspect of sugar. By biggest weakness has always been sweets in the form of drinks: soda, tea, juice, etc. However, when I was pregnant with Caleb, I craved sugar and unfortunately ate lots of it. I’m still paying for the awful way my body feels and the, duh, weight gain it caused.  Ok, but knowing you have a problem and doing something about it are two different things. Caleb is 6 months old and I still feel awful, still have unwanted weight and still haven’t kicked my addiction to sugar.

So, here is what I propose to myself (and my family). I checked out the “Beyond Sugar” Challenge from Wardeh at Gnowfglins. It’s a great post I recommend you read. She was already ahead of my family in the sense she wasn’t really consuming refined, processed sugars and I am, so the challenge for me will look a little different. I have made a list of non-consumables to help me see what I shouldn’t be eating/drinking for these 30 days but the overall premise is to break free from all refined, processed sugars and severely limit my intake of natural sugars. I will allow myself some Stevia (we buy the liquid form with a dropper for teas, etc) and small amounts of honey in our smoothies, etc. A few items on my ‘do not consume’ list are: Sodas, desserts, candy, conventional cereals, fruit juice. There are some things I will eat but have to modify for the 30 days like: bread – I’ll probably make my own without sugar, tea – unsweetened or sweetened with Stevia, smoothies – we usually put sugar in but will now put a little honey.

I’m so excited to start this 30 day-no-sugar Challenge! In case you want to join me on this no-sugar journey, the start date will be October 1st. I’ve included some links at the bottom of the page so you can read more about sugar and it’s effects on your body. Look for more posts about how this will effect my family and our kick-off date!

The “Beyond Sugar” Challenge – the post that inspired it all :-)
Cut Down on Sugar by Stephanie at Keeper of the Home
Get the Refined Sugar Out at Kitchen Stewardship
A whole site devoted to ‘no-calorie’ sweeteners and why they are harmful to your body here.

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